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Long time, no see...

The MotH and I have done our compulsory 'civic duty', and voted at an early polling station. Hopefully, some attention will be paid to the western suburbs and beyond, as lately the only time we see our elected members is when they want our vote. Even so, there is not much in the way of electoral advertising around; I think I've seen maybe one or too placards at most.

In semi-related news, I'll be off to the stopwork meeting at the MCG next Thursday with MotH, and, it seems, mini-MotH. Mini-MotH has the day off school because his teacher will be at the same rally. Could be an interesting day.

E gave me a scare (one of many lately) Wednesday morning. She woke up for an early morning snack (5-ish), and as she was nursing, she sounded a bit 'snuffly', so I waited until she was finished, sat her up, and noticed a shadow on her cheek in the very little light that gets into the bedroom. I turned the bedside light on, and to my horror, her face was covered in blood. Not to mention me, and the pillows, and the sheets, etc.
A quick call to the nurse hotline assured me that it wasn't to unusual for that to happen, especially if a parent has the same thing. Bingo! I get nosebleeds a lot in hot weather, so it looks like E may be the same. I just hope that's it, and she doesn't inherit any of my other health problems.

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We'll be at the same meeting, different venue, probably with the dude as I wont make the free bus from work in time if I try and drop him at childcare first. His first union rally!

Here's hoping the weather cools down a bit.

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That was me - barely awake!

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I have the feeling we're not going to see any change in government this time around, but hopefully a few less mainstream candidates will get a chance to shake things up a little.

Hope E is okay! *crosses fingers*

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Er, don't cross your fingers, it makes it hard to type...

E is o.k. We both have the beginnings of a cold, so this weekend will be interesting...